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Cheat Codes:When you enter a safehouse go to the mission replay board at the far right side of it and use the letter magnets to spell out the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. The letters will return to their original position and a message will appear at the bottom of the screen to

Unlock 1 Classic Pack:When you complete a game on either the Android Tablet or Android Phone version of Hearthstone using the same Battle.net account you will unlock 1 Classic Pack as a reward.

Bowling:If you hit every panel in the credits you will earn the ‘Developer smash’ Achievement at the end and be able to continue into the bowling area.

Unlock Codes:Go to ‘Extras’ and enter the following codes in the ‘Support’ section to unlock the corresponding effect. ALL Adventurer Upgrades:Enter bigadventure ALL Characters to Cultist, Endless and Diamond Unlocked:Enter dabigunlock ALL Cultist Upgrades:Enter demonbind ALL Mage Upgrades:Enter wizardtalent ALL Rogue Upgrades:Enter batstab ALL Spellsword Upgrades:Enter nicescrolls ALL Warrior Upgrades:Enter stubble Catacombs Available on ALL

Friend Points:You will be able to gain Friend Points by grouping with other players. These Friend Points can then be used in the Theater to get new Scene Cards. Group Quest:If you select a group quest as opposed to a solo quest you can get extra rewards by being the quest leader. If you are

Tutorial Reward:Once you have completed the Tutorial you will recieve a reward, to collect it go to your messages which can be accessed from the ‘Leagues’ screen by tapping the ‘Menu’ button and then going to ‘Messages’. There you will see a handful of messages which if you open any one of these will give

Guest Name Easter Eggs:You will find that the guest name easter eggs from ‘RollerCoaster 1 and 2’ will work on this game. Just rename a guest to the following listed name to unlock the corresponding effect. Emma Garrell:Changes the shirt color of every guest that passes her to purple Lisa Stirling:Constantly litters random trash Eilidh

Unlock Secret Levels:There are three special courses which become unlocked when you have collected the Pink, Purple, and Black coins in the game and then placed them on the corresponding coloured Coin Pipe structure in Kingdom Builder mode. Special Course (Black Coin Pipe):Collect ALL 120 Black Coins Special Course (Pink Coin Pipe):Collect ALL 120 Pink

Unlock Extra Face Skins:Select the ‘Redeem Code’ option at the Face Transplant shop while selecting ‘Face Skins’ and enter the following codes (without the quotes) to get the corresponding extra face skin. Electric Playground TV Hosts:Enter ‘ELECPLAY’ Mojang Staff:Enter ‘MOJANG’ Nintendo Power Staff:Enter ‘POWER’ Playstation Blog Staff:Enter ‘URNOTE’ Polytron Staff:Enter ‘OLYTRON’

Hidden Arcade Game:You can play a retro racing game if you tap on the arcade in the corner of your garage.

Hands:Regardless of whether you decide to use one hand or two make sure you are easily able to reach both sides of the screen so you can get from one end to the other when necessary. Starter Cubes:When you move forward and the perspective starts to change and everything gets distorted and you get disoriented

Skip Credits:It is possible to skip the credits after each episode by simply touching the screen with two fingers at the same time.

Extra 10,000 Points:If you press the backpack icon at the bottom of your screen and enter the passcode ‘0010000’ (without the quotes) you will be given an extra 10,000 points.

Unlock Level Packs:Beat the indicated pack to unlock the corresponding pack. 9×9 Mania:Beat the 8×8 Mania level pack. Extreme Pack:Beat any single level pack. Extreme Pack 2:Beat the Extreme Pack.

Unlock 30 Lives:Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Rope, Rope button then last jump button.

Unlock Secret Characters:The following is a list of the characters that are ‘Not available from the prize machine’ and the certain conditions that must be met to unlock them. Note: These can be met over multiple runs unless otherwise noted. Abstract Bing Bong:Enter the red and grey door as Bing Bong Abstract Joy:Touch Joy while

Level Up Field Kits:Meet the indicated requirement to level up to the corresponding level. ALL leveled items are given at the agent’s new level, up to level 8. (L1-8 is the level of said item. Res, XMP & US are the only ones that have tiers) Abbreviations for possible items received: Res – Resonator, XMP

Monsters:Try to learn what the different monsters do and prioritise which ones to take down. Focus on those with a ranged attack first, then the bigger zombies and chargers before dealing with the rest.

Closed App:When the app is switched off the game will not track anything or alert you when Pokemon or PokeStops are nearby. The app will however still drain the timer of your consumables which means you may as well keep it on all the time and listen out for the buzzes. Hatching Eggs:Remember when trying

Cheat Mode:At the ‘Settings’ menu tap the invisible button at the bottom left corner of the screen to accesss the password screen. Then enter one of the following passwords (without the quotes) to activate the corresponding effect. Note: you must have version 4 (1.3.0) One Extra Life:Enter ‘40440440’ First Twelve Levels Unlocked:Enter ‘13311331’ Extra Life

Unlock Sharky Pets:The following Sharky Pets become unlocked when you complete the corresponding task: Anarchy Pet:Score 0 points in Just Keep Swimming mode while using the Anarchy costume. Clownfish:Play a game between 10PM and 2AM. Cthulu:Unlocks by winning the Cthulu Plush from a Gold Chest. Golden Sharky Pet:Have 5000 coins at one time. Mermaid:Unlocks by

Capturing Pokemon:Always try to defeat a Pokemon with as many leftover moves as possible as doing so will earn you extra points, and the extra moves will be added to your capture chance. Unlock Expert (EX) Stages:Earn the indicated number of ‘S’ ranks to unlock the corresponding EX stage. EX stages feature rarer and stronger

ALL Chaos Emeralds:Enable the ‘Level Select’ code and then play songs ’04’, ’01’, ’02’, and ’06’ in order at the ‘Sound Test’ menu. Hidden options:First use the level select cheat.Next play sound 00 a three times, a new menu will apper to allow you to change things like the player character (Knuckles and Tails can

Unlock Suit of Paladin Armour:At the shop enter the case sensitive password ‘knight for a day’ (without the quotes) to unlock the suit of paladin armour skin.

Gear Level IV: Always try to get frequently used characters to Gear Level IV as quickly as you can because when they reach that tier powerful abilities will become unlocked for them.