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Tips & Tricks:– You can usually switch your party members’ positions during battle(though some past PvP weekly events have disabled it, and you can’tswitch positions during World Boss battles). It’s a free action souse it to spread incoming damage across your party members andprolong your runs through those difficult places.– Potions are limited to one

Editing Save Game Files:You can edit your save game. Edit the “finances” fields.Note: Save Files should be located here:C:UsersyourusernameDocumentsMyGamesdemocracy3savegames – Make note of how much you have in “debt” or “reserves”.– The number is listed on top of the screen, in game.– Save your game.– Go to where your save game is located and open

Exploit the A.I.:When playing as Dante, in the battle against Argosax the Chaos you can actually exploit the reach of the boss and its A.I.. Walk to the side where the tentacle is and where the furitaurius is stand between themjust out of the reach of the tentacle and the furitaur’s fire, and you can

Customize Survival Map:This tutorial works for survival maps. It’s extremely easy, as long as you don’t edit anything else your game will be fine.Note: Make sure to make a copy to the survival.gamemode.json file before editing anything. Steps:1.Find your Castle Story folder (It’s in the Castle Story local contentfolder. You will be able to access

100% Achievement Guide:Note: You must complete the game to get all these achievements. Extended Testing Opportunity – Finish every test chamber in Chapter #1.Food and Artificial Sunlight – Finish every test chamber in Chapter #2.Post-Insignificance – Finish every test chamber in Chapter #3.Official Pre-Admittance – Finish every test chamber in Chapter #4.Full Chief Custodian candidate

How to Make Money (Elexit) Fast and Easy:I will show u step by step how to make 1 Milion Money (Elexit) in five mins. How to Make Elexit:– Go to the fort (at the desert)– Find vendor and buy electroscraps and iron ore– Go to workbench and craft small energy restore (potions for Clerics)– Craft

Weapons and Useful Items List:Open the console and type @give (your username)/ (then item id). When you then press ‘Enter’ you will have the corresponding item(s). AK-47:Item id 122 Alicepack:Item id 253 Blowtorch:Item id 76 Crate:Item id 366 Generator:Item id 458 High Calibur Military Ammo:Item id 1192 Honey Badger (built in silencer):Item id 116 Low

Endings:To see what endings you have obtained check the bulletin board where they will be marked by numbered flags. Ending 01:Confess your love to Liza in 5-60 seconds. Ending 02:Confess your love to Liza in 1-2 minutes, and go through with it. Ending 03:Confess your love to Liza in 1-2 minutes, but hesitate. Ending 04:Confess

Easy ‘Head Otter’ Achievement:In the ‘World Of Kelp’ level stop the Kelps that your sons shoot at you with an otter figure. You will get the Achievement when this mini-game finishes and you pick up the otter’s head and place it on your head. Easy ‘Everybody Loves Joe’ Achievement:Once you get the Shark costume from

Steam achievements:Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select ‘Community’, then ‘My profile’, then ‘View all my games’, then the game and view stats. Achievement – How to unlock:1-UP – Pick up 1 powerup.All Done – Completed chapter 4.Almost There – Completed chapter 3.Centurion –

Easy ‘Narkissos’ achievement:Find the mirror in the ‘Rituals’ portion of the Castle (marked as green on the map). Admire your reflection for approximately five seconds to get the ‘Narkissos’ achievement.

Cheat Codes:While playing the game, press [Alt] + [F7] to unlock the “Cheats” menu. Steam achievements:Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. Toview your achievements and stats in Steam, select ‘Community’, then ‘Myprofile’, then ‘View all my games’, then the game and view stats. Achievement – How to unlock:An Old Friend : Meet

Steam achievements:Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. Toview your achievements and stats in Steam, select ‘Community’, then ‘Myprofile’, then ‘View all my games’, then the game and view stats. Achievement – How to unlock:Bounce Master General – Score Over 15 Million.Bounce Master – Score Over 5 Million.Every Journey – Complete First Level.Fin

Creating Additional Avatars:When you begin a new game you will only be able to create one custom avatar for the campaign. However if you complete the main story you will unlock an option to create new avatars and switch between them at the avatar menu. This feature can be used to complete animal-specific missions. Unlock

100% Achievement Guide:Straight-to-the-point guide to help you get any achievement you may be missing. Unmissable:Ramessus’s storyGet a bonus root with the pharaoh. You’re literally gonna be given this just for playing through the game, regardlessof the route you take. As long as it doesn’t lead to a bad end where you die. MC Related /

Complete Guide: Formatting:~Choice that may or may not appear. It’s fine if it it doesn’t.~Choice you don’t want to pickLocking Choice§ [Critical choice that becomes unavailable after theroute is cleared and stays that way until Refrain is completed] Rin5/14 Watch for a while (CG)5/15 Go look for her5/15 Watch for a while (CG)5/15 ~Use another

Star Skill Moves:Ball Juggle (while standing) – Hold LT + tap RB/Hold L2 + tap R1Foot Fake (while standing) – Hold LB + RB/Hold R1 + L1 Star Skill Moves:Body Feint Right – RS flick ?Body Feint Left – RS flick ?Stepover Right – RS ???Stepover Left – RS ???Reverse Stepover Right – RS ???Reverse

Getting Tesla Gun in The Final Reich:After unlocking the Bunker and Salt Mine, go inside the Command Room and interact with the crank until it stops. Then, go inside the Emperor Room and interact with the machine in front of Barbarossa’s statue. Next, continue killing zombies near the machine to charge it up. Keep killing

How to Complete the Store Mini Game: This is how to complete the store mini game. Where to Star:If you dont know where this room is it is here. What You Need at the Store:When you get up to the start of the game you need 5 items.Also i recomend that you carry the first

Cheat Codes:During gameplay you should press on the CTRL + ~ (that last symbol is a tilde) keys on your keyboard at the same time to bring up the Command Console. After that you can lookup below what cheats there are & what their codes to enter are. Effect – Code:Dumb AI – cvarAdd g_inhibitAi

Unlock ‘Typing of the Skullgirls’If you type ‘gottatypefast!’ during the start up where the logos appear you will be able to play this typing game mode. This works in Story, Arcade, Marie 300%, and Local Versus. It does not work online or in Tournament mode or Training.

Cheat Codes: Editing units_harakt.csvTo edit the characteristics of units, you need to open the ‘units_ harakt.csv’ file. Do not change the structure of the file, do not add spaces, comments or line translations! The game is very sensitive to the file format. The data of each unit is given in the corresponding column. Lines 2-17

Cheat Codes:Hit the tilde (`) key to bring up the the text box and type ‘iroll20s’to unlock the console commands.*Note that doing so will disable steam achievements Code – Effect:AddAbility playername nameofability – Adds abilitys (Talents)to a specific playerAddItem itemname stackcountamount – Adds itemsAdvanceTimeByHour numberofhours – Fast forwards timeAddExperience amount – Gives ExperianceGivePlayerMoney amount –

Cheat Codes:First go into settings, gameplay then dev mode then close that and press ` or ~ tilde (The Key Above TAB) to open the console. Then type one of the following cheat codes below. Code – Effect:GenerateOfficer(“officer name”, GetFaction(“terran”))CreditResource(‘crew’, 90000) – 90000 crewCreditResource(‘materials’, 90000) – Gain 90000 materialsCreditResource(‘dark_matter’, 90000) – Gain 90000 dark matterCreditResource(‘fuel’,

Cheat Codes:Inside Gwenpool’s room which is located on the second floor of Avengers Mansion you will be able to enter the following codes on the computer to unlock the corresponding character. This feature becomes unlocked as part of the tutorial in the Avenger’s Mansion when you have completed the first mission. Antman:Enter BCR7QJ Baby Groot