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Unlock Story Servants:Clear the indicated chapter to unlock the corresponding hero in the Story mode. Archer – David:Clear Third Singularity – Oceanus Assassin – Henry Jekyll & Hyde:Clear Fourth Singularity – London Berserker – Kiyohime:Clear First Singularity – Orleans Caster – Cu Chulainn:Clear Singularity F – Fuyuki Caster – Geronimo:Clear Fifth Singularity – E Pluribus

Unlock Codes:At the ‘Title’ screen go to ‘Unlock’ and then insert the following case sensitive codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect. Black Suit for Napoleon and Ilya:Enter ‘ignblk’ Harbor Mission:Enter ‘mkghys’ Infinite Ammo:Enter ‘zxdfrt’ Invincibility:Enter ‘igninv’ Laser Cutter:Enter ‘hujtre’ Machine Gun:Enter ‘igngun’ Rock Crawler:Enter ‘ignroc’ Sport Car:Enter ‘prfvbh’ Spy Suit for Ily:Enter

10 Free Orbs:If you link your Nintendo Account to the game and then tap on the ‘Misc.’ tab followed by the ‘Account Management’ option you will recieve some Platinum Coins for performing this link-up which can then be used to buy in-game bonuses such as Orbs. Hero Feathers:Hero Feathers are items that can upgrade any

Unlock Silver:When you get a Hero Chao (Normal, Rare, or S-Rare) you will unlock this futuristic hedgehog who travels back in time when the need arises to help deal with great threats to the planet that affect not only the present but also his future. Unlock Shadow:When you get 1600 rings this artificially created black

Alliance:Consider joining an alliance as doing so will enable you to swap Ranger shards with other players which will help you gain new characters.

Advertisement Videos:Its always worth watching an advertisement video if the opportunity presents itself as doing so will give your park a 5% boost for 3 hours.

Random:Don’t bother trying to memorise any paths or strategies as the games are ALL completely random, you just have to let your intuition make the decisions. Continue Game:Although you can use the in-game cash you earn to continue the game when you get killed it is more beneficial to save it for the entire game

Skills:If you have two Scene Cards that have the same skill you can fuse them together to upgrade them so they get more abilities. Synergy Bonus:You will receive a synergy bonus when you equip a character with Scene Cards of the same typing, a synergy bonus will boost your characters stats. If the Scene Card

Tutorial Reward:Once you have completed the Tutorial you will recieve a reward, to collect it go to your messages which can be accessed from the ‘Leagues’ screen by tapping the ‘Menu’ button and then going to ‘Messages’. There you will see a handful of messages which if you open any one of these will give

Gold Coins:Gold coins are the premium currency of the game and are rarely earned, they tend to be given as special gifts or rewards, like logging in to Facebook. Gold coins can be used to buy purchasable power-ups and continues upon losing a level. Defeating Minion Pigs:You will defeat Minion Pigs if two sets of

Guest Name Easter Eggs:You will find that the guest name easter eggs from ‘RollerCoaster 1 and 2’ will work on this game. Just rename a guest to the following listed name to unlock the corresponding effect. Emma Garrell:Changes the shirt color of every guest that passes her to purple Lisa Stirling:Constantly litters random trash Eilidh

Vault Codes Enter the following codes (without the quotes) to unlock the corresponding effect in the vault. 1st UFO:Type ‘Neverending’ 2nd UFO:Type ‘Blockbite’ Another Wave:Type ‘Ahead’ Coin:Type ‘Sparky’ ILLUMINATI Wave:Type the following sequence: ‘8, 16, 30, 32, 46, 84’ Lenny Cube:Type ‘Lenny’ Minion Cube:Type your username Robot:Type ‘Robotop’ Ship:Type ‘Mule’ Shy Guy Cube:Type ‘Spooky’ Trail:Type

Unlock Characters:Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character. Luigi:Build Luigi’s house in Kingdom Builder. Peach:Complete world 6-4. Toad:Link your game to your My Nintendo Account. Toadette:Build Toadette’s house in Kingdom Builder. Yoshi:Build Yoshi’s house in Kingdom Builder. Scroll Backwards:The only character in the game that can backtrack is Princess Peach. This is done

Eggs:An easy way to earn eggs is to play Multiplayer because even if you come in last you will still earn some. Ghost Flag:It is more beneficial to progress slowly through the game and explore the courses as doing so will improve your chances of finding the ‘ghost flag’ which is hidden on one map

Free Gems:Logging into Facebook or tweeting about the game is an easy way to gain free gems. Time Cheat:Advance the time on your device by three hours if you do not want to wait for your energy to be restored. Remember to set the time back to it’s correct value afterwards.

Zombie Superpowers:Listed below are each of the characters unique zombie superpower. Super Brainz – Carried Away:Move a Zombie. Then it does a Bonus Attack. The Smash – Slammin’ Smackdown:Destroy a Plant with 4 Attack or less. Impfinity – Triple Threat:Make two 1/1 Impfinity Clones with Amphibious in random lanes. Rustbolt – Shrink Ray:A Plant gets

First Quest – Angel Island Entrance:Go to the temple on Angel Island and press the question mark icon so the secret key screen appears on screen. Then enter the code 0681 to gain entry to the temple and complete the first quest.

Cheat Passwords:At the ‘Main’ menu go to ‘Options’ and then ‘Credits’ and press the question mark button to access the ‘Password’ menu’. Then tap the icons to change them and hit the ‘Confirm’ button when it is the correct combination. 2000 Gem Bonus (can only be used one time):Tap (top row:)swords, armor, ring (bottom row:)gem,

Microtransaction Fish:The fish below can only be unlocked when you purchase the indicated package through microtransactions. Lionfish:Buy the Junior Package. Black and White Clownfish:Buy the Beginner Package. Giant Jellyfish:Buy the Advanced Package. Humpback Whale:Buy the Master Package. Harp Seal:Buy the Supreme Package. Unlock New Fish:Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding fish. Blue Clownfish:Take

Level Up Field Kits:When you meet the indicated requirement you will level up to the corresponding level. ALL leveled items are given at the agent’s new level, up to level 8. (L1-8 is the level of said item. Res, XMP & US are the only ones that have tiers) Abbreviations for possible items received: Res

Unlock Secret Characters:The following is a list of the characters that are ‘Not available from the prize machine’ and the certain conditions that must be met to unlock them. Note: These can be met over multiple runs unless otherwise noted. Abstract Bing Bong:Enter the red and grey door as Bing Bong Abstract Joy:Touch Joy while

Energy:Each ability relates to a different energy. Energy is colour coded and is gained through clearing cards of that colour. Try to focus on particular colours, preferably on what energy you are in need of.

Cheat Codes:Enter the following codes at the menu (without the quotes) to unlock the corresponding effect. Infinite Money:Enter ‘Money’ Infinite Stars:Enter ‘Sky’

Free Special Skin:At the ‘Codes’ screen type CAC311 to get a free special skin.

Mission Requirements:Tap the ‘Check List’ button if you are not sure what it is you should be working towards to complete a mission. Whatever the requirement you should be able to achieve it by playing the game in a regular manner.