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Cheats:Character Unlock Codes At the oversized LEGO box in Bricksburg, you can enter the codes below to unlock the corresponding character (who is otherwise made available over the course of the game and then unlocked using collected studs as payment).UOOAQY – Emmet (Lizard)UP7HJQ – Mrs. Scratchen PostK7TDXJ – Larry the Barista

Game Cheats: Chibi-Robo SilhouetteEarn a Bronze trophy on every job. Telly SilhouetteEarn a Silver trophy on every job.

Game Cheats: Item Duplication In your shop, you can duplicate items. First, take out the item you wish to duplicate and then move your character within your shop (it doesn’t matter where). Then, press B to put away the item . Quickly, before the animation depicting your character putting the item away concludes, select a

Game Cheats:Picking on Luigi: On the title screen, you can tap on Luigi’s head to interact with him, instead of beginning your game. You can pull Luigi’s mustache to tilt the game’s logo, or rub his nose to make him sneeze (causing the logo to flip). Tap on his hat and the logo will instead

Game Cheats: Passwords:These can be unlocked at the mainframe in the police station. Just go to ‘Codes.’ hvgtpg – Unlock Zombie

Game Cheats:Unlock Hidden Boss MonstersLagiacrus Rare Species – Reach HR70Nargacuga Rare Species – Reach HR40 SecretEasy Zenny1) Make sure you have 2 ‘Kelbi Horns’ in your item pouch.2) Talk to the ‘Guild Sweetheart’ at Moga Village.3) Select Low Lv one star ‘Prescription Pick-up’ gathering quest.4) Deliver the 2 ‘Kelbi Horns’ right away.5) Quest complete. Take

Angry Birds Trilogy Achievements Meet these conditions to unlock achievements. Aviator for the Seasons – Seasons Eagled.Boom Boom! – Unlock the Bomb Bird and destroy menu barriers.Completely Classic – Get 3 stars on all Angry Birds Classic levels.Flawless Plumage – Classic Eagled.Free as a Bird – Send all seven birds on migration.Mother of all Bombs

Game Cheats:Extended Extras Menu Unlocking the Theater,Support Log, and Unit Gallery in the Extras Menu. Support Log – Beat the game onceTheater – Beat the game onceUnit Gallery/Sound Test – Beat the game once

Game Cheats:Black Spider-Man SuitThis suit becomes available when you complete Vigilante mode. Classic Costume (Sam Raimi Movies)This costume will become available when you complete ALL the ‘Petty Crimes’ missions.

Game Cheats:Secret Screen:At the title screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, lastly A to see a secret screen.

Super Flag Achievements There are eight Achievements you can achieve in this game. They can be achieved at any time, and through a number of conditions. However, it is worth noting that, after completing World 1-6 and getting the first Royal Sticker, there are eight Super Flags in the Sticker Fest area of Decalburg. You

Play as Bonus Characters in QuestsBonus Characters in Free/Bonus Quests – Beat the Campaign Ending CreditsAfter watching the ‘A Thousand Years…’ quest with Solange, Ali, Zozo, and Allegro, you’ll be able to view the ending credits any time. The option to do so will be listed at the end of the quest list. Ending Credits

Game Cheats:Limitless 1 upsVisit Mushroom World course One, where the 1st star coin is. Get up on top of the stairs and then wait for a noko noko. Move lower to the 2nd or the third step and wait for an noko noko to contact you. Jump on that lightly (not hitting jump once you

Game Cheats: Alternate costumesReach the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding costume color.Color 1: MentorColor 2: MasterColor 3: RogueColor 4: BrawlerColor 5: MarauderColor 6: BerserkerColor 7: WarriorColor 8: AvengerColor 9: Vindicator

Game Cheats: Alternate costumesComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume.Oliver Coipel’s Thor: In Vanaheim (The Arrival), go through the first door, stay on the overhang, and walk behind the tower with the door to find the costume icon.Destroyer Thor: Complete the game.Jack Kirby’s Thor: In Niflheim (The Approach), throw the statue head, then

Game Cheats: Unlockable Characters:Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks: CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKDaisy – 1st in Mushroom Cup 150ccLakitu – 1st in Lightning Cup 150ccMetal Mario – 1st in Special Cup 150ccQueen Bee – 1st in Banana Cup 150ccMii – Place 1st in all cups in one CC level.Rosalina – 1st

Game Cheats: Unlock all Characters and Ring Gear:To unlock every character and ring gear, enter the following code rapidly via the D-pad on the Main Menu: LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, UP.

Game Cheats: Alternate costumesHold the indicated buttons while selecting the listed character, then press A to use the corresponding costume.Kasumi Alpha (braid): Press L + X.Kasumi Alpha (high ponytail): Press R + X.Kasumi Alpha (low ponytail): Press L + R + X.Kasumi (braided hair): Press L + X.Kasumi (high ponytail): Press R + X.Kasumi (low

Diamond class missions and vehiclesGet a ‘3 Star’ rank on all missions in every class. Meca Hawk DioramaGet a ‘3 Star’ rank on all Diamond class missions. Free Flight collectiblesReach the indicated class to unlock the corresponding collectible in Free Flight mode.Balloons: Silver Class.Extras: Gold Class. Free Flight vehiclesComplete the indicated task to unlock the

Expert modeSuccessfully complete each level with all three submarines. Chapter 6Successfully complete Chapters 1 through 5 with all three submarines. Chapter 7Successfully complete Chapter 6 with all three submarines. DecalsCollect the following decals to unlock the corresponding effect. They are listed in order from left to right and top to bottom.1. No decal: Default.2. Anchor:

Mini-gamesComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mini-game.Main sideMii Pics: Complete Archery.AR Shot: Complete Archery.Graffiti: Complete AR Shot.Fishing: Complete AR Shot.Flip Box: Complete Fishing. Dark sideClock: Purchase for 1 Play Coin from the Shop.Globe: Purchase for 1 Play Coin from the Shop.3D Tools: Purchase for 1 Play Coin from the Shop.Fish Gallery: Purchase for

Game Cheats:Monkey Fight charactersComplete the indicated task in Monkey Fight to unlock the corresponding character.P-YanYan: Complete the Super Fight series.W-MeeMee: Complete the Basic series. Monkey Race charactersComplete the indicated task in Grand Prix mode to unlock the corresponding character.A-Baby: Finish second in Sky-Way.B-Jet: Finish first in Mt. Tyrano.F-GonGon: Finish third in Mt. Tyrano.N-Jam: Finish first

Challenges:Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding challenge bonus.Achiever: Get a High Score in every stage.Ambient Dreamer: Clear 20 different stages without dying in World Map Mode.Antagonist: Play a game in VS Mode.Astronomer: Obtain 50 Stars.Audiophile: Play with earphones.Berserker: Collect every HP Item in a stage without having full HP.Big Bada Boom: Score 20,000

Game Cheats: Getting rick quickly:Note: Save before attempting this. When you enter Buy-Mode, choose the most expensive item you can afford. Buy one of it and place it wherever you want, then select the items tab on the right hand side of the screen. This will bring you back to the page you bought your

Game Cheats:Unlock Arcade mode credits:Complete Arcade mode to unlock the option of replaying the credits at the ‘Gallery’ menu. Unlockable Medals:Unlock the following medals at the ‘Gallery’ menu by performing the corresponding tasks: All You Need Is Love – Don’t buy any items when starting Abyss.Don’t Get Cocky, Kid! – Earn one victory.Fatality – Land