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Game Cheats: Unlock Jaguar (Sixth) Ship:Complete the game to unlock the Jaguar ship, to access it you must have found it’s five parts which are hidden. The sixth ship parts are in the brink under the island, and near the landing zone (2nd time the hellcat get repaired). In far drop go behind the phantom

Game Cheats: Prequel bonus:Import a saved game file from Project DIVA 2nd when you begin a new game to keep previously earned Diva Points, modules, room items, and records for the DLC songs. Unlockable Modules:Unlock the following modules for purchase for the indicated characters by performing the corresponding tasks: Akita NeruAkita Neru Swimwear – Complete

Game Cheats: Axel (Akutare) mode:To unlock Axel mode, at the main menu, highlight the ‘New Game’ option, then press TRIANGLE, SQUARE, C CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, X. In the Japanese version, highlight the ‘New Game’ option at the main menu, then press TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE. Magichange:To unlock Magichange, beat Axel mode,

Game Cheats: EX ChaptersComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding EX Chapter in the ‘Extra’ menu.EX Chapter 1: View the good ending in Chapter 1.EX Chapter 2: View the good ending in Chapter 3.EX Chapter 3: View the sixth ending in Chapter 4.EX Chapter 4: View the good ending in Chapter 4.EX Chapter 5:

Game Cheats: Select ‘Options’ at the main menu, then ‘Cheat’. Enter one of the following passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function. All Arcade mode eventsEnter SLVRKEY as a password. All Lightning McQueen custom kit partsEnter GR8MODS as a password. All Lightning McQueen friendsEnter EVRYBDY as a password. All paint jobs for all non-Lightning McQueen

Game Cheats: Asagi:Complete all of the levels in Land of Oblivion to unlock Asagi as a playable character.

Game Cheats: Play as OOO (Purple Eyes):After getting 100% on Heroes Mode, play Arcade mode as any character. During gameplay, if he appears at any match, defeat him to obtain him after credits rolls. Then on any mode (Except for Heroes mode), while highlighting OOO, Hold START and press CIRCLE. Note: You cannot select Tag

Game Cheats: In-Game CheatsTo unlock the following, you must beat the respective tour of duty (US, Canada and Britan). Effect – Code:Unlimited Ammo – Beat the game on the Green DifficultyUnlimited Grenades – Beat the game on the Veteran DiffcultyUnlimited Health – Beat the game on the Hardened Difficulty Survival! ModePlay and beat the game

Game Cheats: Enter the ‘Features’ menu. Select ‘Extras’, then ‘Codes’. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code – Result:payrespect -ABA ball23 Retro Air Jordans2kchina 2K China team2ksports 2K Sports teamnba2k NBA 2K development teamvcteam VC teamagsntrccai Bobcats NASCAR Racing uniformaifnaatccv Cavs Cavfanatic uniformwasshcicsl Hardwood Classics uniforms for Cavaliers, Jazz,

Cheats Codes: Unlock CharactersComplete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character. Unlock Bardock:Complete ‘Alone For The Final Battle’. Unlock Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan,only):Complete ‘Burn Up! A Close, Super-Fierce Battle! Unlock Majin Vegeta:Complete ‘Farewell To The Fallen Warrior (Vegeta)’ Unlock Raditz:Complete level 1 in Dragon Walker mode. Super Gohan and Buu:Complete ‘The Terrifying Super Buu’

Cheats Codes: Cheat modeSelect ‘Collection’ at the main menu. Select ‘Unlock Codes’, then enter HXV6Y7BF as a code to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Effect – Code10 Vexos Passes – YJ7RGG7WGZ10,000 Core Energy – 82D77YK6P8Earthen Armor – YQLHBBSMDCFire Spirit – TD4UMFSRW3Light Arrow – 2FKRRMNCDQTornado

Achievements: MedalsComplete the indicated task to earn the corresponding medal.Air Burner: Destroy more than six enemy air units with an AA gun or AA missile Launcher.Air Frightener: Destroy all enemy air units in a certain number of cycles.Air Keeper: Have no air units lost.Bohemian Pacifier: Destroy more than ten enemy units with light or heavy

Cheats Codes: Unlocks Situation 10Press: right, down, up, left, circle, X, R, L Unlocks Situation 8Press: L, R, left, right, square, circle, X, triangle. Unlocks Situation 9Press: triangle, down, circle, left, X, up, square, right. SituationsComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Situations.Situations 2 to 7: Complete all 10 stages in Situation 01.Situation 8:

Cheats Codes: Fight as PandaHighlight Kuma, and press X or Circle. Alternate costumesHighlight a character, then press either X or Circle. Unlockables 2,000,000 GPromote a character to Rouge. Note: This can only be done once. 7,000,000 GPromote a character to Fujin. 20,000,000 GPromote a character to Tekken God.

Cheats Codes: Press during game play: Code: Result:Up, Down, Left, Right, X(2), L, R $250,000Up, Down, Left, Right, Square(2), L, R ArmorLeft, Down, R, L, Right, Up, Left, X Clear weatherL, R(2), Left, Right, Square, Down, R Destroy all carsLeft(2), R(2), Up, Triangle, Down, X Faster game playR, L(2), Down, Up, X, Down, L Faster