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HOME – Active Trainer page down – limit to remove bots num7 – immortal units numpad8 – one hit kills numpad6 – no skill cooldown numpad4 – infinite number of souls numpad 8: easy level up alt + f6 – goods note that you might have to wait a bit to see that it has

Using this Trainer: numpad 6: add ammo resource – enter the weapons cache and then each press adds more. numpad +: unlimited blitz units f3 – set the number of missiles on 999 n -enables stupid opponents-will only run and possibly throw grenades, mostly wearing leg:) numpad 3:mechanical integrity ctrl + numpad 5 – add

Features: ctrl+5 – infinite credits numpad2 – ammunition numpad 5: unlimited map movement numpad5: free crafting / workbench upgrades numpad + – infinite number of skill points (numpad- removes them) stars – stars about – unlimited sugar numpad 4: toggle unlimited movement numpad 5 – infinite money y – unlimited clothes numpad 1: unlimited money

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Press F1 at main menu. numpad 5 – max combo numpad3 – unlimited battery power page down – slow time f5: rapid development numpad4: no skill cooldown f6 – indestructible armor f1 – sturdy hulls of ships (you need to have zalaczona the main map and click on the selected ship) numpad3 -mini batman f1/f2/f3/f4

Press F1 at main menu. f1 – gold x 2 page down – do not drop souls after death f4 – fast research press this option and then quickly press the resources icon (looks like a nut on upper right). numpad 3 – fast kill numpad6: unlimited components f5: no weapon overheat – toggle on

Options: numpad *: no reload please note that you will have to have the weapon base items to craft weapons. numpad 5: 1 turn technology f3: subtract score player 1 – while playing blitz modes vs. ai, press this to modify score. 5 – unlimited fuel supply to the jet backpack numpad 1: mega nanites

C: Users AppData LocalLow

Activating this trainer: ctrl+num 4 – inf. whale bones numpad8 – unlimited number of disposable items ctrl + numpad 2 – infinite shadow coins shift + f2 – harvesters do not attack during the exploration of the galaxy numpad5 – unlimited money num2 – no fatigue f3 – immediate restoration of tactical points ctrl +

Activating this trainer: f2 – activate trainer num7 – immortal units numpad 4 – add heavy duty proficiency set souls numpad (+) – instant building numpad 9: add bottlecaps 5 – free power-up: reverse balls ctrl-num5 – experience numpad 1: increased wealth note that you might have to wait a bit to see that it

1 Infinite Health 2 Infinite Ammo 3 No Reload 4 Super Speed (Only Player) 5 Mega XP / Instant Level-Up 6 Infinite Skill Points 7 Infinite Perk Points 8 Infinite Money 9 Speed-Up Time 10 Freeze Time 11 Infinite Jump 12 Freeze All Animals 13 Infinite ATV Health x64-64Bit theHunter Call of the Wild v1.8-v1.16

Game/Trainer Title: Transistor +3 Trainer – LinGon :LinGon TRAINER INFO: – Trainer Troubleshooting & Info! – For problems getting trainer to work please read below info first – 1/ Before using this trainer make sureto disable any running firewalls or possible antivirus Programs running in the back.My trainer may sometimes alert such applications as antivirus

Activating this trainer: ctrl + num9 – unlimited attribute points numpad 7: carrier upgrade points – this only works on carrier ships. ctrl + f2 is the second member of the team will advance to a higher level of experience ctrl + numpad 2 – mygm: add 5000 experience right ctrl + num3 – blacksmithing

Options: numpad *: super mana numpad + – super speed f1 – lives x2 numpad 4: toggle unlimited movement f8: add luck numpad8 – 99 nodes power (power node) num * – 50 souls of dragons numpad 8 – infinite experience numpad5 – infinite amount of electricity numpad0 – invincibility 6 -stops the current duration

To install: numpad +: unlimited blitz units numpad 9: easy escape/stealth – toggle this on while being pursued and get out of the area. num6 – fuel if youve run the game before restart pc. r3 (on a)-super speed f12 -increases the maximum branch size (up to 10 units) numpad6 – 5 development points benevolent

Options: num4 – unlimited time use a hurry the value added can be modified using the custom trainer ability. numpad 7 – infinite portraits numpad 4: ammo – press key and you have more. numpad 2 – infinite water first lose health then activate health cheat zeni / tp: open menu first and press hotkey.

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Activating this trainer: numpad 1: unlimited money page down – slow down the passage of time numpad8 – write location num2 – infinite super numpad 1 – infinite energy f11 – infinite number of grenades ctrl + f – unlimited cash f4 – fast research shift + f9 is the maximum value of the coefficient

Go to the game: numpad 1: 500 gold – if you run out of gold this will give you at least 500. numpad 3 – fast kill numpad2: easy win b -immediate construction of buildings f1 – gold x 2 numpad 6: reset urine numpad8 – longer working skills and potions f3 – instant fire

Installation: numpad3 – unlock shops and parts numpad0: no consumables cooldowns f8 – inf.items on use ctrl + numpad 7 – infinite upgrade cores f6 – infinite number of moves in a single round numpad2 – unlimited strength bar f4 – souls x16 num7 – 1 skill point numpad 4: mega ep – press to

The Team from HomeofGamehacking proudly presentsSkyrim – Special Edition v1. +34 Trainer Trainer Notes Game Version: v1. Trained by: iNvIcTUs oRCuSRelease: STEAM Tested on: Win 10 x64Chiptune: No Music Date: 12/19/2017MD5 Hash (SkyrimSE.exe): 5EB722BF746BB8DAC61A0179947F9DB3Trainer Design by: iNvIcTUs oRCuS Available Options Hotkeys Funktion Num 0 Unlimited HealthNum 1 Unlimited ManaNum 2 Unlimited StaminaNum 3 One Hit

Activating this trainer: numpad 2:unlimited suit integrity – toggle on and your suit remains at 100%. numpad + – unlimited money f8 – no crafting requirements -faction edit- shift + g – more power num0 – kills one strike/ball num9 – maximum rank beat start first trainer, then the game. avoid having this option active

Instructions: you can then put the drone up, and then use teleport to drone option to move to that location. numpad8 – unlimited number of disposable items insert – teleportation to a destination numpad4 – high-build numpad5: infinite food numpad5 – mode of movement in space (to move the currently selected character, use the arrow

Using this Trainer: numpad 6: black hearts numpad0 – stops the stopwatch during challenges shift + f6 – 50000 gold ctrl+num 4 – inf. whale bones f5 – inf.health engines f4 – move 2 times faster f3 – no need to reload weapons f4 – infinite potion health toggle off when done. numpad7: infinite alliance

Supported games: ctrl + num1 – indestructible vehicle f3 – weakening enemy vehicle ctrl + numpad6 – adds 10 to firmness numpad6 – getting to grips with the need for putting up residential set int numpad.: infinite energy f7 – no fatigue (h) – stunts numpad5 – single hit kills enemy num2 – energy numpad