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Game Cheats: Unlock True Ending:When you have collected ALL the Dark Magic from the 20 Cursed Cacklebats you will face the Pirate Master in the Palace. If you defeat him you will be able to view the true ending.Wallpaper:When you complete the following tasks the corresponding wallpaper will become unlocked. Pirate Shantae and Friends:Complete the

Game Cheats: Unlock Bonus Levels:The bonus levels can be accessed from the ‘Title’ screen once you have collected 4 Gold Trophies in the main game.

Game Cheats:Unlock Items:Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding items. These items can be used by ALL the characters using the ZR button. Blue Potion:Defeat 7 Skulltula. Bombs:Open Chest during ‘The Armies of Ruin’ (Prologue 1). Boomerang:Open Chest during ‘The Sorceress of the Valley’ (Prologue 4). Bow and Arrows:Open Chest during ‘The Sorceress of

Game Cheats: Easy ‘Elder’s Wisdom’ AchievementComplete the mission for the mayor in the museum. You can now take the ship. Note: It will only take you there before you complete the dig site. Next, talk to the Elder Doodle the first stage of the cathedral level after jumping around for a while. You will ‘Elder’s

Game Cheats: Unlock New Game+ ModeWhen you load a cleared game save with ALL 36 scrolls collected you will start a new session with ALL previously unlocked items. Unlock True EndingWhen you have collected ALL 36 scrolls and completed the game you will get the game’s ‘True’ ending.

Game Cheats:Angelic Hymns Gold LP Returning the lost record to Rodin allows you to gain a new weapon. Unlockable How to unlockChain Chomp + Purchasable Umbran Elegance Complete all Chapters on 3rd Climax.Chernobog + Umbran Elegance Found in Chapter 5, Verses 1 and 4.Kafka / Samsa + Purchasable Umbran Elegance Complete Chapter 2, Verse 5.Rakshasa

Cheats:Unlock Hidden CharactersIn several of the Ghost Zone stages there are hidden characters which you can get to if you have Grannie. When you have rescued these characters and cleared the stage you will be able to pick them from the ‘Character’ select menu at the ‘Title’ screen. These hidden characters will ALL play the

Cheats: Unlock Hard Mode:Complete the 3 stages on the 7th island. Unlock Special K Level:When you have collected ALL the ‘KONG’ letters in ALL the levels on an island the special K level will become unlocked.

Achievements:Stamps Perform the indicated amount of body tests to unlock the corresponding stamp. OK:Perform 2 body tests. Heart:Perform 5 body tests. Star:Perform 4 body tests.

Game Cheats: Unlock Characters Complete the indicated Floor to unlock the corresponding character at the Candy City Hub. Earl Of Lemon Grab:Complete Floor 70. Flame Princess:Complete Floor 80. Ice King:Complete Floor 30. Lumpy Space Princess:Complete Floor 10.

CheatsComplete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding cheat under the ‘Cheats’ option at the ‘Abstergo Challenges’ menu. Note: Enabling a cheat will prevent the game from being saved. Armed to the Teeth: Complete 90 Abstergo Challenges.Arrr Matey!: Complete 20 Abstergo Challenges.Celestial Navigation: Complete 10 Abstergo Challenges.Dead Men Tell No Tales: Complete 70 Abstergo Challenges.Deceased

Game Cheats: World 1-2: Unlimited Lives:When you enter the pipe at the start of the level you will come to a wall you can climb. At the top of the wall you will find a turtle and a power-up block. If you smash through the two purple blocks on the ground using a butt stomp

Game Cheats: Duplicate Rewards for Computer Hacking:It is possible to duplicate the rewards (XP, credits, and stop/nuke items) that you get for hacking a computer. To do this you need to save before hacking a computer and while you are on the ‘access granted’ screen reload your save (do not press the ‘ok’ button) and

Game Cheats:Pause game play, select Extras, then enter one of the codes. Avenging Cycle – 5T3CQUBeetle – KXFQ87Black Cat – P9OWL0Captain America – 7HWU4LCarnage – AA0Z50Classic Thor – H8CSE6Howard the Duck – J58RSSHydra Soldier – B7AA3KIron Man Mark 17 – 2NGSRZIron Man Mark 38 – CK7SDSIron Patriot – Q5X1J5MODOK – SZ8Q06Pumkin Chopper – 35E41WPumkin Chopper

Game Cheats: Unlockables Complete the following task to unlock the corresponding effect. 2nd Quest:Beat the game once. Knuckle:Collect ALL 5 Tingle Statues. Hero’s Charm:Beat the Savage Labyrinth. Deluxe Pictobox:Become Lenzo’s Research Assistant. Hurricane Spin Attack:Give Orca on Outset Island 10 Knight’s Crests. Swift Sail:Win it at Windfall’s Auction House at night.

Game Cheats: Getting the File Stars:To get all of the game’s File Stars, complete the steps below: Defeat the final BowserLocate every normal and secret flag (94 in total)Catch Nabbit once he appears each time on the first seven worldsGet every star coin in the standard 8 worldsGet ever star coin in every world and

Game Cheats: Unlock 8-Bit Soundtrack:When the Capcom logo appears at the start of the game quickly press Down, Right, Up, Left, Y, B. If you have entered the code correctly you will hear a confirmation sound. This feature can also be unlocked by completing the game.

Game Cheats: Unlock Alternate Ending:If you complete the game with the ‘Coupon For One Free Hug’ you will be able to view a slightly different ending.

Game Cheats: Unlockables Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect. Power Ups:Unlock in Grannie’s Attic by collecting Golden Diamonds. Moon Levels:The jump pad to the moon levels becomes available when you beat the first 16 standard levels. Play as Grannie:Collect ALL Water Sprites and Golden Diamonds in the normal worlds. Play as Brown

Cheat mode:Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding Pokemon. Pokemon PasswordBulbasaur 74465213Charizard 26495673Chandelure 94720173Dragonite 11009560Eelektross 28563923Garchomp 51830476Gyarados (Shiny) 94839985Hydreigon 69283763Oshawott 63664750Piplup 19876976Serperior 10986334Snivy (Shiny) 20448123Stunfisk 98993224Zoroark 13540269

Game Cheats: World 9 (Superstar Road)Successfully the complete the game with all Star Coins from Worlds 1 through 8 collected. Saved game file star iconsComplete the indicated task to add the corresponding star to your saved game file. Star 1: Defeat the final Boss of the main game.Star 2: Collect all Star Coins from Worlds

Game Cheats: ABA BallEnter payrespect as a code. Three additional dribbling movesEnter spriteeffect as a code. Under Armour Tourch shoesEnter underarmour as a code. 2013 All-Star uniformsEnter mwpzoslqov as a code. Secondary road uniformsEnter ypzbnwolaw as a code. Christmas uniformsEnter mnspxuwmdy as a code. Heat White Hot uniformEnter kqpxmzodqb as a code. ShoesComplete the indicated

Game Cheats: Zeta ClusterComplete all four cells from the Epsilon cluster. Omicron ClusterComplete all four cells from the Zeta cluster. Sigma ClusterComplete all four cells from the Omicron cluster. Survivor modeComplete all four cells from the Sigma cluster.

Cheat mode Enter one of the following codes at the ‘Extras’ menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. Effect Code Racecar Driver MHHRHMSamurai Warrior RJYZHCBaseball Player YCMWKPGorilla Suit Guy XKGZVJDisguised Natalia Kowalski HVGTPGRoman Soldier WRSKVCMinotaur SSVKCTClassic Alien CQSZBJChan’s Drakonas DWJVCTPharaoh NRRXYMNinja FHSZYGKarate Guy MRPHVQPop Star CNCNRHFootballer SYFMWJRelocator vehicle VZHHDMDrakonas vehicle DWJVCT Enter one of the

Game Cheats:Pause game play, select the ‘Extras’ option, then ‘Enter Code’. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Effect Code CharactersAlfred Pennyworth ZAQ637Batgirl JKR331Bruce Wayne BDJ327Catwoman (classic) M1AAWWClown Goon 9ZZZBP or HJK327Commissioner Gordon DDP967Fishmonger HGY748Freeze Girl XVK541Freeze Henchman NJL412Joker Goon UTF782Joker Henchman YUN924Lexbot W49CSJMad Hatter JCA283Man-Bat NYU942Military Policeman MKL382Mime