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Game Cheats: Assistant:During gameplay use a second Wiimote and although a second player will not appear the second Wiimote will have it’s own pointer giving the other player the ability to assist in collecting items and helping Mario’s jumps. Watermelons instead of Coconuts:This will happen when you have collected 9,999 Star Bits in the Hub.

Game Cheats: Unlock the Pelago Crocodile:To find the Pelago Crocodile, simply look through your telescope on the morning before a full moon. Unlock Apollo the Sunfish:To locate Apollo the Sunfish, visit the Deep Hole at night. The sunfish should be above the Mouth of Truth. Unlock Ancient Mother Whale:You can find the Ancient Mother Whale

Game Cheats:Stars Bowling Ball:In Bowling when you reach Pro level (1,000 points) you will be given a bowling ball with stars on it. This new ball can only be used in events that you have achieved Pro level in.Change Bowling Ball Colours:If you want to change the colour of the Bowling Balls hold the indicated

Game Cheats: Unlock Nightmare Mode:This difficulty setting will become available when you have beaten the game once. Fast money, great hats & hidden winged sapphire all on Flynn’s:Go up to the tower in Flynn’s ship and go to the place with the bear’s shop and break the elemental gates then go up to the wooden

Game Cheats:Data Core Cards 8 cards for the data core are unlocked by reaching 25000 points in the different mini-games.Auton – Reach 25000 points in Hi/LoBrannigan – Reach 25000 points in Cyber SequenceJudoon Captain – Reach 25000 points in Cyber SequenceNovice Hame – Reach 25000 points in InterrogationOod – Reach 25000 points in Memory MatrixSisters

Game Cheats: While playing, press the following buttons. x x b x x b x x b a a – All Stages [Classic Controller]A A 2 A A 2 A A 2 – – – All Stages [WiiMote]LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT UP DOWN UP DOWN b a – All Styles Unlocked [Classic Controller]LEFT LEFT RIGHT

Game Cheats:Upgrade Codes From the Extras menu, select Promotions and then select the alien images outlined below to fully upgrade XLR8, Gavattack and Wildvine. Feedback-Fourarms-Diamondhead-Bloxx – GravattackGravattack-Eye Guy-Arctiguana-Wildmutt – WildvineXLR8 – Shocksquatch-Gravattack-Arctiguana-Diamondhead – XLR8

Game Cheats:Extra Unlockables In the Atitude Era mode unlockables there are some extras. Off Script Storyline – Complete Wrestlemania XV StorylinePack 1 Universe Feuds – Complete Wrestlemania XV StorylinePack 2 Universe Feuds – Complete all matches in Off Script Storyline Unlocked Characters This works in numerous ways. Most of the superstars are unlocked through Attitude

Game Cheats:Enter cheat codes in the Extras menu. GD35HC – 8-Bit MusicT1JM4R – Action AssistC7FJ7B – Attract StudsUE5Z7H – BerserkerJ4337V – Bilbo BagginsHTYADU – Boromir (Captain)F3H14H – Boss DisguisesPR3V4K – Character StudsRJV4KB – DenethorMX26RJ – DisguisesR7XKDH – EasterlingA9FB4Q – Elrond (2nd Age)U47AOG – EomerWS68P2 – Fall RescueA2LU58 – Fast Build7B4VWH – GaladrielAVJII1 – GamlingLG5GI7 –

Game Cheats:Play as Bonus Characters in QuestsBonus Characters in Free/Bonus Quests – Beat the Campaign Ending CreditsAfter watching the ‘A Thousand Years…’ quest with Solange, Ali, Zozo, and Allegro, you’ll be able to view the ending credits any time. The option to do so will be listed at the end of the quest list. Ending

Game Cheats:Infinite lives P2 P3 & P4In story mode (regular or extra) if there are players 2 thru 4 then said players(2 thru 4) can hold – and press 2 (basically what this does is resets your player and health so you never lose those extra lives) but you need to proetct P1 or it’s

Game Cheats:McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy CheatsThis would be on the second level of the Bat Cave. There is a big computer in the middle of the screen above where the outfit changer is where you can enter the codes. Password – Effect ZAQ637 – Unlocks Alfred in Free PlayDPP967 – Unlocks Commissioner Gordon in Free

Game Cheats:Thunder Dragon’s Lightning Round RewardsIn the Thunder Dragon’s Lightning Round you fight a series of 12 battles. Quit after winning the number of battles listed to earn that prize. 100 Rupees Win 3 battles2,000 Rupees Win 9 battles20 Rupees Win 1 battle3 Rare Treasures Win 10 battles3,000 Rupees Win 11 battles300 Rupees Win 5

Game Cheats:Alternate suits:How to unlock different suits for Spiderman to wear.Classic Spiderman suit – Complete all petty crimes

Game Cheats:Machine gun mode in target shootingPress 3 times the 1 button on mode selection screen for target shooting=onsame whit 2 is=off Unlockable Resorts:Unlock the following resorts by collecting the corresponding number of stamps: RESORT – STAMPSCity Resort – Collect 4 stamps.Mountain Resort – Collect 12 stamps.Snow Resort – Collect 8 stamps.Visit Resorts At Other

Game Cheats:Money Rock:Keep an eye out in your town for a rock which changes location each day. This rock has money in it which can be accessed by hitting it. Hit it repeatedly to get more money. Unlock Trophies:Unlock Bug Trophy:Catch the largest bug by the end of the contest. Unlock Fish Trophy:Catch the longest

Game Cheats: Unlockable Costumes:Unlock the following costumes by performing the corresponding tasks: COSTUME – HOW TO UNLOCKClassic – Get a ‘Gold’ rank on all challenges; get all the Zemo’s Relics.Ultimate – Get 25,000 Intel points; complete the game under the Hard difficulty. Damaging Shield throw hint:Once you lock onto all the targets you want to

Game Cheats: Unlockable 2-Player Endless Games:Unlock the following two-player games by earning the corresponding number of Duo Medals: Bossa Nova – Get 8 (all) Duo MedalsClap Trap – Get 1 Duo MedalKung Fu Ball – Get 4 Duo MedalsMochi Poundingq – Get 2 Duo MedalsPirate Crew – Get 6 Duo Medals Unlockable Endless Games:Unlock the

Game Cheats:Under ‘Options’ at the main menu, select ‘Passwords’. Then, activate the following functions by entering the corresponding codes: Note: Learn additional passwords by remaining idle without hitting the ball until your caddy talks to you and mentions a password. All clubs at the pro shop – clubsoda All balls at the pro shop –

Game Cheats: Unlockable Character Classes:Unlock the following classes by performing the corresponding tasks: Acrobat – Get a Casino Ticket.Alchemist – Master Magician & ThiefCleric – Master any job you start withMonk – Master PriestNinja – Master Warrior & ThiefSpellsword – Master Magician & WarriorRoboknight – Get Lost Technology in Sunken Shrine and Master Monk and

Game Cheats: Free ship hint:After the spinning walls, you’ll come to a lake. Drop bombs into the lake to have a flag with an ‘S’ on it come up. Fly over the flag and get your ship.

Game Cheats:Unlockable Bosses:Unlock the following Bosses by performing the corresponding tasks: BOSS – HOW TO UNLOCKBiker Ben – Defeat Biker Ben on Training Level 6.Cavegirl Carmen – Defeat Cavegirl Carmen on Nature Park Mission 8.Rabid Rabbit – Defeat Rabid Rabbit on Playground Mission 8.Snorkel Jane – Defeat Snorkel Jane on Beach Mission 8.Trooper Tim –

Game Cheats:Press Minus during game play and select the ‘Extras’ option’. Select ‘Enter Code’, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Agent P ‘Perry the Plattyborg’ skinEnter BAB121 as a code.

Game Cheats: Level bonusesReach the indicated level to unlock the corresponding bonus.Level 5: Throwing KnifeLevel 6: SCAR-L (Assault Rifle)Level 8: SPAS-12 (Shotgun)Level 10: P99 (Handgun)Level 11: Blind EyeLevel 12: Dragunov (Sniper)Level 13: Scrambler (Tactical)Level 14: PKP Pecheneg (LMG)Level 15: HardlineLevel 15: Revenge (Death Streak)Level 16: MP9 (Machine Pistol)Level 18: CM901 (Assault Rifle)Level 19: SitrepLevel 20:

Game Cheats: Level selectWhen the ‘Press A’ message appears at the title screen appears, press Up two times, Down two times, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. A voice will say ‘Let’s rock!’ to confirm correct code entry. Then, press A. All levels and the mini-game will now be unlocked.