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American Football – Developer Image:If you press Y, B, Y, B, Y, B, Right, Start during gameplay in the American Football challenges the face of the developer of the game will appear in the Kinect feed screen in the score panel of the stadium. Hang Glider – Babich Drive Mode:If you press A, B, A,

Unlock Characters:Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding playable character in Versus mode. Chao:Beat ALL of Tails’ levels with an ‘A’ rank. Amy:Beat ALL of Sonic’s levels with an ‘A’ rank. Big:Get A ranks on ALL of Eggman’s stage. Chaos 0:Beat ALL of Rouge’s levels with an ‘A’ rank. Mecha Sonic:Beat ALL of Shadow’s

Unlock Wrestlers:When you complete the following tasks the correponding wrestler will become unlocked. Andre the Giant:Win 92 Matches Arn Anderson:Win 76 Matches Bam Bam Bigelow:Win 56 Matches Big BossMan:Win 38 Matches Big Show’00:Complete a Triple Threat match 40 time Billy Gunn:Complete a Tag Team match 35 times Booker T:Win 70 Matches Bret Hart:Win 90 Matches

More Studs:Nearly everything you come across during the game is breakable so make sure you smash up things to get more studs. Also, don’t forget to complete secondary tasks like flipping switches as this will release studs you can collect. Unlocking Carbonite Characters:To unlock the carbonite characters the Carbonite Brick needs to be thawed out

Easy Money:When Tran tells you that his father or grandpa owns a chop shop, all you have to do is his job a couple of times (don’t DAMAGE THE CAR) and it won’t take that long and there you go! Health Shrines Appear on Mini-Map:After the second popstar mission Amanda ‘Amy’ Cartwright will appear outside

Unlockable Items:When you meet the indicated requirement the corresponding item will become unlocked. Amarath Clothing:Level up Unknown Ninja to LVL96 Beret Headgear:Level up Unknown Ninja to LVL75 Big Hair Headgear:Clear 2 Ultimate Ninja Trials Chapter Challenge:Clear the game on Hero, Normal, or Hard Cowboy Headgear:Level up Unknown Ninja to LVL78 Dark Ninja Armour:Clear 5 Kill

Unlock Tiara’s Blue Alternate Costume:When you complete the game under the Novice difficulty setting Tiara’s blue alternate costume will become unlocked.

Game Cheats: Fight against Principal:When you complete Arcade mode with any character with a score of at least 2,500,000,000 points you will be able to fight Principal, the hidden boss. Defeat him and he will be unlocked for play in ALL modes.

Game Cheats: Easy ‘Computer Crusher’ Achievement:You can get this Achievement easily by starting a game in Multiplayer mode with a single bot and winnging a single race against the bot on two different levels. You will not have too much trouble accomplishing this if you attempt it using the first two levels as the third

Game Cheats: Costume Usage in Story Mode:You will gain the ability to use costumes in Story mode when you have beaten the main campaign once. Free Herb in Raid Mode:The BSAA emblem will appear whenever you complete a Raid mode stage. Smashing the BSAA emblem with a fully charged melee attack will gain you a

Game Cheats: Specialties:Specialties are assigned to different players based on Physical Traits. The following specialities are are assigned when you have the corresponding requirement(s). Acrobat:Requires 90 Agility or 86 Agility combined with 80 Reaction. Aerial Threat:Requires 85 Jumping, and the following Heading based on height. Players 6’2′ or shorter require 90 Heading. Player is 6’3′

Game Cheats: Easier Challenge Objects:If you pick up the Level 1 Survivor skill ‘Eye for Detail’ it will make finding the challenge objects easier when using Survival Instincts. Infinite XP:If you fast travel back and forth between the two Flooded Archives camps you will be able to earn 500 XP each time.

Game Cheats: Fighting Styles:The list below are the fighting styles for each wrestler. Aerialist 1: Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal Aerialist 2: Rob Van Dam Aerialist 3: Jeff Hardy Aerialist 4: Sonjay Dutt Brawler 1: Johnny Gargano Brawler 2: Dana Brooke Brawler 3: Terry Funk Brawler 4: J.T.G. (Cryme Tyme) Giant 1: The Great Khali Giant 2:

Codes:Pause gameplay, select ‘Extras’ then go to ‘Input Code’ and enter the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. ‘The Way of the Brick’ (Fast Build):Enter 5MZ73E Rare Artifact Detector (R.A.D.):Enter JYJAFX

Game Cheats: Big Boss Mode:This feature enables you to get special planes and is unlocked by doing the following. Go to the Challenge Arena and shoot down planes until a big boss aircraft appears. If you shoot down the big boss and land safely the next time you go to Challenge mode the ‘Big Boss’

Mother Base persons:The following persons will appear at Mother Base when you download a saved game file from ‘Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes’ where they are either rescued ‘Persons of Interest’ or ‘Prisoners of War’. Hideo:Diplomat who appears following Missions 3, 4, and 5. Ochre Chameleon:Appears following Missions 3, 4, and 5. Grizzly Hedgehog:Appears

Achievements: Ambient Take optional photo #1 in Episode 4 | Dark Room 10Balance Take optional photo #3 in Episode 4 | Dark Room 10Dark Room Finish Episode 4 | Dark Room 55Dioptic Power Take optional photo #6 in Episode 4 | Dark Room 10Fisheye Take optional photo #7 in Episode 4 | Dark Room 10Gamma

Cheat Mode:Pause gameplay and select the ‘Extras’ option, then choose the ‘Enter Cheats’ selection and enter the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. Characters: ACU Trooper (Female):Enter AU25GR ACU Trooper (Male):Enter 28SPSR Carlos:Enter VK3TP3 Carter:Enter 9GESXP Cooper:Enter 5BETZ5 Dennis Nedry (Costa Rica – Hawaiian Shirt):Enter RAVKRT Dieter Stark:Enter EKCKLC Dino Handler Bob or Vic:Enter

Game Cheats: Redeem Codes:Enter the following redeem codes (without the quotes) at the ‘Title’ screen to unlock the corresponding weapon, spell or secret location. Cast this New Spell to access ‘The Cross’:Enter ‘ILOVEMUSE’ Get 999 Ecus:Enter ‘GOLDLOVER’ Gives Breath Spell:Enter ‘FIVESTARS’ Meet the Invisible Girl in Wessar:Enter ‘TFOGPOWA’ Secret spot under Sacred Lake (Beath Spell

Game Cheats: 1 Million Credits:Go to ‘My NASCAR’ at the ‘Main’ menu and select ‘Options’. Then enter the code ‘GIVEMEWONGA’ (without the quotes) to receive 1 million credits.

Game Cheats:Inventory Items:The following items can be found by searching the corrosponding coordinates. These items are used to access other areas. Ermac’s PendantCoordinates: -5, 18 (Dark Pass).Unlocks: Unknown. Jax’s Rocket LauncherCoordinates: 0, 12 (Khan’s Stronghold).Unlocks: Shrine of the Dead (-11, 12). Kenshi’s KitanaCoordinates: 5, 30 (Shadow Spider’s Hive).Unlocks: Hollow Grounds Area (0, 25). Kotal Khan’s

Game Cheats: Raid Mode Unlockables:When you complete the following tasks in Raid mode the corresponding bonus will become unlocked. Alex Wesker:Complete the campaign and Omega Raid stage. Chris Redfield:Earn 30 Completion Medallions in Raid mode. Cipher (Hologram):Earn 90 Completion Medallions in Raid mode. Gabe:Complete Episode 2. Gina Foley:Complete Episode 1. Jill Valentine:Earn 10 Completion Medallions

Game Cheats: Drivable Couch Easter Egg:In the ‘Dustbowl’ map, go to the MG36 battle pickup in the northwest area of the map near the water tower. There you will find a couch named ‘The American Dream’ which is actually a drivable vehicle that is able to seat up to four players.

Game Cheats: OMG Breast Motion:Losing with 10 female characters in Solo Vs mode and watching all 10 losing cinematics will unlock this feature. Cheat Mode:At the ‘Options’ menu press LB + LT + RB + RT to unlock costumes, Story mode progress, system voices, music, and some movies. If you have entered the code correctly

Game Cheats:Preset Created Wrestlers:When you accumulate the indicated amount of Style Points the corresponding created wrestler will become unlocked. Afro Thunder:Accumulate 750,000 Style Points in the PlayStation3, Xbox 360 or Wii version. Benny:Accumulate 350,000 Style Points. Lenny:Accumulate 400,000 Style Points. Suicide:Complete Story mode. Unlock Arenas:If you want a change of scenery then try completing the