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Easy ‘Head Otter’ Achievement:In the ‘World Of Kelp’ level stop the Kelps that your sons shoot at you with an otter figure. You will get the Achievement when this mini-game finishes and you pick up the otter’s head and place it on your head. Easy ‘Everybody Loves Joe’ Achievement:Once you get the Shark costume from

Creating Additional Avatars:When you begin a new game you will only be able to create one custom avatar for the campaign. However if you complete the main story you will unlock an option to create new avatars and switch between them at the avatar menu. This feature can be used to complete animal-specific missions. Unlock

Easy Balance Point Achievement:To get this Achievement in the campaign you must eliminate five enemies using the ‘Barrage’. You will find the ‘Barrage’ in a weapon box inside the bunker guarded by some enemies you see after completing the main objectives in the starting area. To equip the ‘Barrage’ just pick it up and press

Cheat Codes:Inside Gwenpool’s room which is located on the second floor of Avengers Mansion you will be able to enter the following codes on the computer to unlock the corresponding character. This feature becomes unlocked as part of the tutorial in the Avenger’s Mansion when you have completed the first mission. Antman:Enter BCR7QJ Baby Groot

Saving money:Save your money early in the game. Do not waste it buying loot boxes or weapons and gear from vendors. You will eventually come across a lot of gear at the start. Save your money for later in the game. Note: You can scan areas for loot. How to turn Beard / Hair /

Secret ‘Riverside’ Mission:When you complete ALL the single Ubercommander assassination missions and collect ALL the Death Cards (except the last one) you will unlock the secret ‘Riverside’ mission on the War Room map. This map is not like the others and when you reach the final area of the mission you will have a good

Communicator:Follow your communicator and don’t forget to regularly check it. Your communicator will not only help guide you towards objectives and collectibles it will also point you in the direction of ammo and other helpful supplies. Unlock Letterbox Mode:When you complete the game on any difficulty setting you will unlock Letterbox mode. This mode adds

ALL Hidden Coin Locations:If you search the following locations you will find ALL 7 hidden coins. World 1: Inkwell Isle 1 Coin 1:When you complete the tutorial you will get the first coin. Coin 2:Defeat ALL the bosses in Inkwell Isle 1. The Axeboy will then move aside and the second coin can be found

Cheat Codes:Pause gameplay and select the ‘Enter Code’ option and input the following codes to unlock the corresponding character. Ceremonial Robes Nya:Enter 8755Q9 Garmadon In Pajamas:Enter LLPQ6X Highschool Cole:Enter SMMNCC Highschool Jay:Enter XVTULS Highschool Zane:Enter 5NHRS5 Mystery Character:Enter EFZ2XR Polybag Lloyd (Kendo):Enter H7HGT3 Sushi Chef:Enter KU92UG

Start Menu Cheat Codes:At the ‘Start’ menu enter the following codes to enable the corresponding effect. To deactivate the cheats simply enter the code in again. ALL Songs Play 33% Faster ‘Chipmunk Mode’:View, View, B, X, B Big Head Mode:B, B, B, LStick, RStick Converts the Game’s Text and Dialogue to Gibberish:X, X, X, B,

XOne Level Select:Select the ‘No Save’ option on the far right of Mania mode with Debug Mode enabled and then press the ‘Menu’ button followed with Y and X together.

Unlock Exclusive Items:At the ‘Main’ menu select the ‘Codes’ tab and enter the following codes from Lego Sets purchased in stores to unlock exclusive items. Lock & Roller from Nexo Knights:Enter the code LY9C8M Jungle Buggy from LEGO City:Enter the code ND284C Tuk Tuk from LEGO Ninjago the Movie:Enter the code PPA72V Cargo Helicopter from

Unlock Mack:Collect ALL of Mack’s hats in the Thomasville Playground to unlock Mack. Unlock Master-Level Events Cars:The following hidden cars become unlocked when you defeat them in the corresponding Master-Level Event. Mater the Greater:Unlock Mater the Greater by defeating him in his Master-Level Stunt Showcase event. Miss Fritter:Unlock Miss Fritter by defeating her in her

Avoiding Torpedoes:Incoming torpedoes can be dodged by maneuvering the ship vertically at maximum speed just before impact. This is done by dragging up the speed controls to the left of the control pad and then dragging the throttle to the right upwards. Minimise Detection:One tactic you can employ to help avoid enemy patrols or sensors

Unlock Devil Kazuya:Devil Kazuya cannot be selected from the ‘Character’ select screen. Devil Kazuya is unlocked by selecting Kazuya Mishmia and performing an in-battle transformation with one of the following methods. Method 1Kazuya can transform into Devil by using his Rage Moves. If performing the Rage Art when you get to low health press RB

Deadshot’s Zone Coverage:The best strategy for countering Deadshot’s zone coverage is to play with a character who has a teleport attack such as Swamp Thing, Darksied, or Supergirl. Note: Choose Supergirl if she is available as her teleport punch is faster. Unlock Nightwing:A version of Nightwing can be fought in Multiverse events, he is basically

Unlock Thorofare Free Roam Mode:Thorofare Free Roam will become unlocked when you complete the story. This feature allows you to explore the world at your own leisure.

Getting the Shotgun:To get the shotgun will require having the keycard for the Security Office which you will be able to find in I.T. Security on the first floor. In I.T. Security grab the keycard on the left and return to the ground of the Lobby and go into the Security Office which is located

All skulls:Successfully complete the indicated task (optional objective) in the listed mission to unlock the corresponding skull: Grunt Birthday Party: In the ‘A New Enemy’ mission, capture all four of Decimus’ power nodes in the second part of the map. Once you capture the third power node, it will display icons on the map with

Unlock Specialist Mode:This feature becomes unlocked when you complete the game once on any difficulty setting. Unlock YOLO Mode:This feature will become unlocked when you have successfully completed the campaign on the Specialist difficulty setting. In YOLO mode you will die just as quickly as you do on the highest difficulty setting, but when you

Unlock Screaming Zemi:This throwable item is unlocked when you have completed the first Racket mission of the game which involves killing Merle Jackson and taking over his nightclub. You can also purchase Screaming Zemis from the Arms Dealer Associate via the weapon wheel. Easy ‘Bon Appétit!’ Achievement:Alligators can be found in the rivers of the

Open Locked Vault Doors in Dungeons:At the end of some Dungeons there will be locked vault doors that when unlocked will lead to secret endgame dungeons that have higher level enemies and better rewards. There are 8 locked vaults in total that lead to endgame raids and they are listed as follows: Keycatrich – Level

Campaign Codex Entries (Challenges):Complete the following list of 52 Challenges in the indicated campaign to complete the Codex Entries and get the ‘Master Of Adaptation’ Trophy. The codex entries will also unlock new multiplayer modifications that includes weapon mods. To unlock everything in Multiplayer mode you must complete ALL of the challenges and find ALL

Unlock Laser Sword:This melee weapon can be found in Charms of Desire, a shop located on the upper level of the boulevard that connects Caribbean Cove to Miami Boardwalk. Easy ‘Faaantastic!’ Achievement:If you visit the Ja-POP! Store in Kiichiro Plaza in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and take a picture at the entrance to the store

Distorted Time Eggs:In total there are five Distorted Time Eggs and one can be found in each of the five time rifts in Conton City. Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Distorted Time Egg. Secret endgame content will become unlocked When you return ALL five Distorted Time Eggs to the Supreme Kai of