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SimCity [No-DVD] loaded – Razor 1911

File name: SIMCITY.2K13.V10.1.ALL.RAZOR1911.NODVD.ZIP

Version of game: v10.1
Added by: Razor 1911
File size: 4,9 Mb
Last update: May 28th, 2014 - 12:17
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  2. Install SimCity [FIX] in the game folder.
  3. If you have problems using a nocd / nodvd / fixes in SimCity then make sure to run the game with Administrator rights, or fix is not compatible with your version of the game.

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Razor 1911 proudly presents:
SimCity Update v10.1
(C) Electronic Arts
Date: 2014-05-27 Game Type: Strategy
Size: small Protection: EA Origin

Game Notes
The SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack enhances your SimCity
experience by offering two new city specializations for you to choose between
a giant, supply-guzzling business that is powered by an oppressed workforce
and a gluttonous sense of industrialism or an urban paradise that actively
strives to preserve the planet’s natural resources.You’ll be able to expand
your city outward and upward with enormous, multizone MegaTowers.As your
city’s population grows, your choices will influence whether your Sims abide
side by side in peace and harmony or whether they bristle with barely subdued
tension.Perform extensive research and discover technologies that will make
your city less polluted and reliant on finite resources or enjoy high-tech
luxuries, such as futurized vehicles, service drones and Mag Levs that rise
above the streets and small buildings – but beware of giant robot attacks,
which may occur as a result of scientific infusion into society.Decide which
segments of your city’s populace – good or bad – will be sent on an adventure
to the stars as space tourists with Launch Arcology.Gaze in awe as your
civilians launch off into the unknown in a spectacular display of stellar
proportions.What will the future of your city look like?
Search the web for changelog.

Install Notes
1.Extract RARs
2.Copy update files to your install folder
3.Copy crack
4.Have fun!

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