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Sniper Elite 3 [No-DVD] by (Reloaded) IPXI


Version of game: v1.13
Added by: Reloaded
File size: 8,9 Mb
Last update: October 24th, 2014 - 11:49
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  2. Install Sniper Elite 3 [FIX] in the game folder.
  3. If you have problems using a nocd / nodvd / fixes in Sniper Elite 3 then make sure to run the game with Administrator rights, or fix is not compatible with your version of the game.

Update 1.13

FREE Multiplayer Map Fracture!

Today s update includes our sixth FREE Multiplayer Map available in No Cross mode for Sniper Elite 3!

This secret weapons factory built across a jungle chasm has been deserted for some time, abandoned to the snipers.
Each team occupies an area on each side of the chasm push up to the bunkers for a closer fight, or pull right back
to the bridge for the longest shots.

New Content

Fracture – A new No-Cross multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game.

Bug Fixes

Improve reliability of longest shot and player X winning notifications which occasionally failed to appear.
Stop benchmark level occasionally failing due to prior co-op game.

Update 1.12

New Content

Twilight Strike A new Overwatch mission, free to all owners of the game.
Co-op challenges are no longer limited to private invites and can be set as public lobbies. When public, these will appear in the server list alongside the adversarial lobbies, and the co-op modes have been added to the filters so these can be isolated or hidden.

Bug Fixes

Player score on the HUD in DM and TDM now shows the total score rather than the total number of kills.
Fixed issue where the client in co-op could still perform non-stealth melee kills on Authentic difficulty.
Fixed AI in co-op sometimes continuing to play animations after being melee killed.
AMP: victim is now informed of the tagging player if a tag assist was involved in killing them.
AMP: victim is shown the rank of their killer.
Translated abbreviated game modes on the server list menu.
Italian: Fixed string for character selection menu.
Spanish: Made some text easier to read on the server list menu.
Launcher: Translated Use Mantle tickbox.

Update 1.11a

Bug Fixes:

Mantle benchmark now outputs the supersampling setting as part of the output log to match the D3D11 version.

Update 1.11

New Content

AMD Mantle support now available (dependent on the latest 14.9 AMD Catalyst drivers). See our blog post at http://www.rebellion.co.uk/blog/2014/10/2/mantle-comes-to-sniper-elite-3
Benchmark mode now available for both Mantle and DirectX 11, accessible from the Extras menu in the front-end.

Bug Fixes

Game music is paused when the Steam Music Player is in use.
Fix a rare case of incorrect level name and image being used in the pause menu.
CTF: Improve flag animation based on speed of the character carrying it.
Multiplayer: Prevent a case of weapon reload animations playing twice on remote clients in multiplayer.
Multiplayer: Fix an instance of kill streak notifications not triggering correctly.
Multiplayer: Fix some out-of-world exploits in Lost Valley and Ruins.
DLC: Several fixes to Save Churchill Part 3: Confrontation.
DLC: MAB 38 pickup glow fixed.
Dedicated Server: Ensure all supported game modes are shown for a level (rather than dropping one of them, usually TDM).
Dedicated Server: Fix a bug which prevented hosting servers on multi-homed network adaptors.

Update 1.10a

Dedicated server only

Bug Fixes:

Fixed dedicated server password protection not functioning
Fixed dedicated server games terminating prematurely and kicking clients

Update 1.10
New DLC: Save Churchhill Part 3: Confrontation

New Content:

Capture The Flag – Back by popular demand, Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer now supports the Capture The Flag game mode on all maps.
Night Watch – A new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game, supporting all competitive multiplayer game modes including No-Cross and Capture the Flag.

Bug Fixes:

Votes in multiplayer now show who called the vote and the player’s own decision.
A Map keypress in multiplayer now temporarily shows the markers for ammo caches.
Various tweaks to stat calculations where errors could arise (accuracy, scoped accuracy, optional objective completion percentages, among others).
Client machines now get the notifications of AI incapacitation in co-op.
Increased texture streaming priority for characters and weapons.

Update 1.08
New DLC: Save Churchhill Part 2: Belly of the Beast

In the outlying mountains of North Morocco a concealed facility is being used by Axis forces to create devastating new
weapons of war and build an elite unit of the F hrer s most devoted soldiers.
Among them is Raubvogel, the elusive German sniper behind a plot to kill British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.
You must find out what you can about the planned assassination and stop these new weapons from leaving the remote facility.
Traverse an intricate maze of lofty canyons and walkways littered with enemy encampments and testing rooms. But be cautious
the soldiers guarding the canyon are some of the most formidable that you will have ever faced, and eager to test their terrifying new weapons…

Bug Fixes:

A backup of saves and the player profile are made on the installation of each new PC patch to prevent future loss of progress in edge cases.
Messages communicating relocation required/successful no longer cause co-op players to disconnect at the end of a mission.
Killing Hitler with a grenade no longer causes a crash.
Non-multiplayer achievements no longer appear at the end of a multiplayer match.
In-game pause menu reflects the current DLC mission in all cases.
Invitations accepted while in an Overwatch game now take the player to the correct lobby, rather than creating a new one.
Fixed Magnification scopes no longer display bad zoom values on the HUD.
Auto-balance notifications now more reliable.
A small number of fixes to Plantation to fix collision and visibility issues.


First pass support for AMD s Mantle Graphics API will be included in the next patch (note: the very latest AMD beta drivers will be required).

Update 1.07
New Content

– Plantation: A new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game, supporting all multiplayer game modes including no-cross.

Bug Fixes:
– Improvements to texture streaming logic to try to improve performance in all configurations.
– Multiplayer time limit reached and score limit reached notifications added at the end of the game.
– Multiplayer now tolerates momentary disconnects from Steam rather than treating it as an immediate termination.
– DLC character skins now work in multiplayer when the host does not own the DLC.
– Fix for missing DLC prompts appearing incorrectly when moving between lobbies where only some of the DLC is available.
– Bulletcam impact effects are now more reliably synchronised between host and client (so engines don’t explode before bullets hit them!).
– Penetration no longer slows down the entire path of the bullet, only the bit after the initial impact!
– Rifle customisation preserved more reliably.
– Yet another weapons stop working bug fixed.
– Headshots to AI now slightly more reliable.
– Dead players no longer suffer from camera shake and rumble effects.
– Campaign co-op collectable data at end-of-mission now shows the level just finished, rather than the next level in the campaign!
– Add access to the command console via Ctrl-Tab on variant keyboard layouts.
– Fix for a rare crash when searchlights alert other AI.
– Fix for a rare crash with halftrack and armoured car destruction.
– Several collision fixes for Lost Valley.

Update 1.06
New Content:

Lost Valley – A new multiplayer map, free to all owners of the game
Co-operative play now available for both DLC missions (Hunt The Grey Wolf and In Shadows).
Added a setting for Empty Lung Zoom to allow toggling the additional zoom effect when entering empty lung (and extend the multiplayer settings/filters to support it as an option).

Bug Fixes:

Profiles now determine the highest XP of both the local and steam-cloud profiles on startup to try to avoid loss-of-progress.
Steam cloud now stores the player profile as well as save games.
Fix a potential hang on the Sniper Elite 3 logo screen due to corrupted stats in profiles.
Multiplayer: Fix an instance of player invulnerability in multiplayer matches.
Multiplayer: Join-in-progress now takes the player to the lobby to allow character and loadout selection rather than pulling them directly in to game.
Multiplayer: Chat box less likely to cut off really long strings and chat is available even if only one person is in the lobby.
Co-op: Cancelling body searches no longer slides the player on the other machine.
Co-op: Fix music on client machine to correctly trigger based on AI state.
Weapons are less likely to randomly stop working (most prominent in multiplayer but possible also in co-op/single-player)
Improved shooting while flinching somewhat.
Saves in DLC missions no longer require loading twice.
Discouraged ragdolls from breakdancing.
Don’t play killcams on ragdolls.
Decals now rendering on DirectX 10 graphics cards.
AI armed with a panzerschreck and a pistol are now slightly less confused about which weapon they should be using, and the panzerschreck now does slightly more damage to the player.
AI vision slightly improved in difficulties other than Easy (so sub 30m and sprinting players should be seen more easily).
Fix for an animation glitch when mounting a turret.
Ribbon images in the service record should be displaying again.
Fixed binoculars, grenades and trip mines in the Hunt The Grey Wolf mission as they’d mysteriously lost their textures.
Aim assist tutorial now hidden if aim assist is disabled.
Scopes for the Springfield rebalanced, as is the MP44.
MP40, Sten and Thompson ranges rebalanced, and Sten damage increased.
An escape from environment exploit closed on Hellfire!


We are aware of a small number of reports of server crashes after the previous patch and will be monitoring for potential issues during this release.
In rare circumstances clients may disconnect from servers after prolonged play.
The next update will contain a number of improvements to the texture streaming to try to improve the behaviour for various settings and hardware configurations.
A further fix for weapons randomly not working was discovered too late for this update but will be included in the next.
Weapon customisation selections occasionally get lost and revert to default selections.
The Empty Lung Zoom option is missing text in some languages.

Update 1.05
Co-operative play now available for both DLC missions (Hunt The Grey Wolf and In Shadows).
Added a setting for Empty Lung Zoom to allow toggling the additional zoom effect when entering empty lung (and extend the multiplayer settings/filters to support it as an option).

Bug Fixes:

Steam cloud now working.
Fix a potential hang on the Sniper Elite 3 logo screen due to corrupted stats in profiles.
Multiplayer: Fix an instance of player invulnerability in multiplayer matches.
Multiplayer: Join-in-progress now takes the player to the lobby to allow character and loadout selection rather than pulling them directly in to game.


Sniper Elite 3 Update V1.13 incl DLC (c) Rebellion
DISC(S) ..GAME.TYPE: Action, Adventure

Sniper.Elite.3.Update.v1.12.incl.DLC-RELOADED needs to be installed to
use this update.
Patchnotes: See included whatsnew.txt
New DLC: International Camouflage Rifles Pack
The International Camouflage Rifles pack gives Sniper Elite 3 players
access to deadly new variants of three fan-favourite rifles from around the
globe.Featuring specially tuned variants of the Lee Enfield Mk.III,
Karabiner 98k and the SVT-40 encased in a new camouflage livery.
DLCs which are included
Target Hitler: Hunt the Grey Wolf
Camouflage Weapons Pack
Hunter Weapons Pack
Patriot Weapons Pack
Allied Reinforcement Outfits Pack
Save Churchill Part 1: In Shadows
Sniper Rifles Pack
Eastern Front Weapon Pack
Save Churchhill Part 2: Belly of the Beast
Save Churchhill Part 3: Confrontation
U.S.Camouflage Rifles Pack


The latest chapter in the award-winning series, SNIPER ELITE 3 takes players
to the unforgiving yet exotic terrain of North Africa in a savage conflict
against Germany’s infamous Afrika Korps.

Stalk your targets through the twisting canyons, lush oases and ancient
cities of the Western Desert in the deadly rush to sabotage a Nazi
super-weapons programme that could end Allied resistance for good.

Use stealth, planning and execution to hunt your targets whether human or
machine.From signature long distance kills, to melee takedowns, distractions
and explosive traps, you are as deadly up close as you are from afar.

It must end here.You are the turning point.Because one bullet can change

Key Features

Award-winning gunplay Experience celebrated rifle ballistics honed to
perfection.Take account of distance, gravity, wind, even your heart rate for
intensely satisfying third person combat.
Expansive new environments Stalk huge multi-route levels with multiple
primary and secondary objectives than can be tackled in any order.Never play
the same way twice.
Real tactical choice Adapt to any situation.Use stealth, distraction,
traps and sound masking .If things go hot, use the new Relocate mechanic to
slip into the shadows and start the hunt again on your own terms.
Revamped human X-Ray Kill cam The acclaimed X-Ray kill-cam is back and
bolder than ever, including a detailed muscle layers, 3D mesh particles and
the complete human circulatory system.
New X-Ray vehicle takedowns See vehicles disintegrate in intricate detail
with X-Ray vehicle takedowns.Multi-stage destruction allows you to take out
armoured cars, trucks and Tiger tanks piece-by-piece.
Tense adversarial multiplayer Five unique modes of online competitive
action.Earn Medals and Ribbons as you play.Gain XP across all game modes,
customise your character, weapons and loadout.Become a true Sniper Elite!
Explosive co-op play Play the entire campaign in two player online co-op,
or put your teamwork to the ultimate test in two dedicated co-op modes,
Overwatch and Survival.
Customise your experience Veteran or Rookie, play your way.Turn off all
assistance and turn up the AI, or customise the experience to your preferred
playstyle.Tweak the regularity of X-Ray kill cams, or turn them off all

Extra features
Supports Steam Big Picture Mode
Supports Stereoscopic 3D + Ultra Widescreen + Eyefinity screens
We suggest boycutting games with this greedy DLC bullshit.

2.Install the Update.Sniper.Elite.3.Update.v1.12.incl.DLC-RELOADED has to
be installed in order to use this update.
3.Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to
your game install directory.
4.Play the game.
5.Support the software developers.If you like this game, BUY IT!

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