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Sniper Elite 3 [No-DVD] from – 3DM


Version of game: v1.05
Added by: 3DM
File size: 4,9 Mb
Last update: July 28th, 2014 - 12:56
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  1. After downloading *.zipd file rename the file to *.zip. For unpacking files we recommend using a free software - 7-Zip, WinZip, IZArc, WinRar and other...
  2. Activating Sniper Elite 3 trainer: Press F1 at main menu.
  3. Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.
  4. If you have problems using a trainer in Sniper Elite 3 then make sure to run the trainer with Administrator rights, and when needed compatibility mode!

Sniper Elite 3 Update v1.05 changelog:


Co-operative play now available for both DLC missions (Hunt The Grey Wolf and In Shadows).
Added a setting for Empty Lung Zoom to allow toggling the additional zoom effect when entering empty lung (and extend the multiplayer settings/filters to support it as an option).

Bug Fixes:

Steam cloud now working.
Fix a potential hang on the Sniper Elite 3 logo screen due to corrupted stats in profiles.
Multiplayer: Fix an instance of player invulnerability in multiplayer matches.
Multiplayer: Join-in-progress now takes the player to the lobby to allow character and loadout selection rather than pulling them directly in to game.
Multiplayer: Add end-of-match notifications for score limit and time limit reached, and fixed the completion bonus icon to appear.
Multiplayer: Chat box less likely to cut off really long strings and chat is available even if only one person is in the lobby.
Co-op: Cancelling body searches no longer slides the player on the other machine.
Co-op: Fix music on client machine to correctly trigger based on AI state.
Saves in DLC missions no longer require loading twice.
Discouraged ragdolls from breakdancing.
Don’t play killcams on ragdolls.
Decals now rendering on DirectX 10 graphics cards.
AI armed with a panzerschreck and a pistol are now slightly less confused about which weapon they should be using, and the panzerschreck now does slightly more damage to the player.
AI vision slightly improved in difficulties other than Easy (so sub 30m and sprinting players should be seen more easily).
Fix for an animation glitch when mounting a turret.
Ribbon images in the service record should be displaying again.
Fixed binoculars, grenades and trip mines in the Hunt The Grey Wolf mission as they’d mysteriously lost their textures.
Aim assist tutorial now hidden if aim assist is disabled.
Scopes for the Springfield rebalanced, as is the MP44.

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