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XCOM 2 (PS4 Cheats)

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Last update: October 31st, 2016 - 08:57
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Unlock Heroes:
At the ‘Customisation’ menu go to ‘Character Info’ menu and enter the following names (without the quotes) to unlock the corresponding hero. These cheats will only work in the Single-Player campaign and disables the ability to earn Achievements, they also remove ALL your previous soldiers’ attributes. Note: Beaglerush must be put into the nickname field instead of the First and Last name like the other two.

Beaglerush (Grenadier):
Enter ‘Beaglerush’ (nickname).

Peter Van Hoorn (Assault Build Ranger Colonel):
Enter ‘Peter Van Hoorn’

Sid Meier (Psi Operative Magnus):
Enter ‘Sid Meier’

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